JORNADA: Managing your requirements and models quality

19th of April in Madrid

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Webinar: Managing the quality

ecosystem: DOORS, Rhapsody,

Simulink and Modelica

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R+ Manager

Model Based Requirements Engineering... and more

A way to work together

Getting started: PoC - Let us guide you creating and managing your Knowlede Repository

Consulting - We help you operating your Knowledge Centric Systems Engineering approach

Tailoring - We customize and tailor our suite to solve your particular problems

Training - We offer training sessions to master concepts and tools

T+ Manager

Universal Traceability management and automatic discovery

System Quality Analyzer (SQA)

Managing System Development Quality






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Leveraging Systems Engineering activities through Traceability, Reusability, and Quality

System Quality Analyzer (SQA)

Calculates and manages the quality of the system development life cycle

Based on the CCC paradigm: Correctness, Completeness and Consistency analysis

Is tailored according to you own quality policies

Connected to most SE management tools

Rich Authoring Tool (RAT)

Assists you in the activity of writing requirements and other natural language text

Performs Correctness and Consistency analysis on the fly

Suggests terminology changes based on a central knowledge base

Fully integrated in your Requirements Management Tool and Modelling Tool

System Interoperability Manager (SIM)

The Smarter Way to improve the collaboration between your SE tools

Connects to many different SE tools at the same time

Allows you to produce transformations and operations between the connected sources

Source and target elements can be traced in the T+ Manager plug-in

System Knowledge Manager (SKM)

Manages terminology and knowledge of your system

Helps you in the creation of patterns

Provides methods for automatic generation of Ontologies

Manages knowledge evolution over time

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