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Ensuring completeness, consistency, and correctness with the

MASTER patterns by Sophist and RAT – Authoring Tools

February 26 and 27

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Getting started with Requirements Quality Assessment

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Training: Preparation for the INCOSE SEP Exam

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March 16-20, 2020

Where: Leganés (Madrid), Spain

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Quality Analysis of your Requirements, Documents and Models

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Traceability Studio

Universal Traceability Management and Automatic Discovery

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A way to work together

Getting started: PoC - Let us guide you creating and managing your Knowlede Repository

Consulting - We help you operating your Knowledge Centric Systems Engineering approach

Tailoring - We customize and tailor our suite to solve your particular problems

Training - We offer training sessions to master concepts and tools

Tools for Pilot Projects

Model Based Requirements Engineering... and more

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Leveraging Systems Engineering activities through Traceability, Reusability, and Quality

RQA - Quality Studio

Checks the Quality of your requirements specifications

Correctness, Completeness and Consistency analysis

Is set up according to your own quality policies

Connected to most Requirements Management Tools

V&V Studio - Verification and Validation

Provides support for and management of Verification and Validation actions

Aligned with the ISO/IEC 15288: 2015 Standard

While performing the Verification Process, overall Quality is checked

Automatization of time-consuming tasks and less rework

RAT - Authoring Tools

Assists you in the activity of writing requirements and other natural language text

Performs Correctness and Consistency analysis on the fly

Suggests terminology changes based on a central knowledge base

Fully integrated in your Requirements Management Tool and Modelling Tool

Traceability Studio

Manages trace links between all sorts of information

Discovers user-tailored trace links

Monitors and reports trace links in a tailorable platform

Connects every tool involved in the systems engineering processes

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