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Boosting MS Word with Requirements Management Capabilities


1. Introduction to the MS Word Add-in of SES ENGINEERING Studio
2. Writing high-quality requirements in MS Word
3. Parsing existing MS Word documents using different techniques
4. Managing requirement attributes in MS Word
5. Managing requirement baselines and versions in MS Word
6. Managing traceability in MS Word
7. Transforming MS Word requirements
8. Propagating changes from traceability links
9. Collaboration
10. Reporting Systems Engineering artifacts through MS Word


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Software Tools for Digitalizing the Systems Engineering Life Cycle Management

SES ENGINEERING Studio (SES) – Integration Hub to digitalize and manage the System Engineering life cycle

RQA – QUALITY Studio – Automate the calculation and management of evidence to assuring the quality of whatever engineering item produced on the left and right sides of the V-Model

RAT – AUTHORING Tool – Decision Support Software to author (properly generate and edit) requirements, risks, incidents, issues, Models, etc.

TRACEABILITY Studio – Manages unlimited traceability between engineering items contained in whatever tool used in the organization ecosystem

SES ENGINEERING Studio plugin for Microsoft WORD – Converts Microsoft WORD into a professional, advanced, semantic, and easy-to-use Requirements Management System.


Application of semantic technologies and artificial intelligence to improve the digitalization of the Systems Engineering life cycle

Guided by Reuse

Driven by a knowledge-centric + model-based approach (supporting authoritative source of truth)

Integrating Document Centric views inside MBSE


Stating an Integration Hub

Providing connectivity to all siloed tool ecosystems

Enabling unlimited interoperability among tools

Offering full support to technical management processes (as defined in ISO 15288)

Empowering Microsoft productivity tools as pure SE solutions

Full Support for Technical Management Processes

Provide complete technical management processes support (ISO 15288) to whatever siloed Software application used in your tools ecosystem:

Change, Configuration, and Versions Management

Quality Management

Traceability Management

V&V Management

Quality Management

Risk Management

Decision Management

Knowledge Management

Digitalization of Knowledge

Application of Artificial Intelligence and NLP to:

Smart Authoring

Information Discovery

Archiving Management and Evolution

Knowledge Reuse and Ontologies

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Boosting MS Word with Requirements Management

Managing requirement baselines and versions in MS Word

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Requirements Quality Analysis Service

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This unique service will help you ensure it.

Systems Engineering Tools and Solutions for System Life cycle Management based on Connectivity, Interoperability and Reuse

Requirements Quality, Information Identification, Model Based Requirements Engineering, MBSE, Traceability Management, V&V, and Interoperability

Tools and solutions for the whole Systems Engineering Life cycle based on connectivity to the existing tool chain. Our tools cover from automatic text identification and extraction, through smart authoring assistance, quality checking of documents, requirements and models, global traceability, to verification and validation. Our unique technology applies to all types of Systems Engineering work products, engineering items and knowledge by universal connectivity technology.

Application of Semantic Analysis Technologies to a wide range of industries (aerospace, defense, automotive, railway, energy…)

Systems Engineering (SE) Suite

An ecosystem of tools and connections between them for a complete life cycle management



Ses Eng Studio


V&V Studio – Verification & Validation

V&V Studio - Verification & Validation

RAT – Authoring Tools


KM – Knowledge Manager



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Requirements Analysis Service






Operational Services

Digitalization of Engineering and Knowledge

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