Interoperability Add-in (SES HUBx)


A SMARTer way to transform information among the tools of your ecosystem

Interoperability between SE tools

By using the term SES HUBx we refer to the capabilities of SES Engineering Studio to provide solutions for interoperability of information, knowledge, and tools within one or several organization tool’s ecosystems.


Regarding sources of Interoperability:

  • Connection level interoperability (Transformations)
  • Work-product level Interoperability (Data Bindings)

Regarding the type of Interoperability:

  • Interoperability of Content
  • Interoperability of Functionality

Regarding the Interoperability process:

  • Workflows

Regarding the Interoperability operations:

    • REUSE Operations
      1. Merge/diff/etc.
      2. Commonality identification (PLE)
      1. Quality, V||V, Traces discovery, DM (AI), KM

    Regarding input information configuration:

    • Filters
    • Transformation
    • Conditions

    Regarding output information configuration:

    • Replace
    • Fork

    Regarding location of the Interoperability process:

    • Intra-Department
    • Intra-Organization
    • Inter Organizations

    Interoperability Add-in