The REUSE Company bases its Systems Engineering approach in three pillars:

  • The KREUSE methodology: A Knowledge Centric, Reuse Driven, and Model Based Systems Engineering approach
  • The SES ENGINEERING Studio as the tools ecosystem implementing the KREUSE methodology.
  • A set of Knowledge Libraries to customize and tailor our customer needs.

As the ISO 15288 clearly remarks, the Systems Engineering processes must be tailored to the organization’s needs (and not the other way around). Most of the times, the processes’ tailoring implies to also tailor the software tool set. And, The REUSE Company is ready to support you to solve this issue.

The Tailoring Program is the way The REUSE Company proposes our customers to adapt the ISO 15288 processes to their needs, and it includes:

  • Guidance for dynamic tailoring of the processes towards your organization’s goals.
  • Tailoring of the Systems Engineering Suite tools ecosystem to your own needs.