RAT - Authoring Tools

Authoring Tools

A SMARTer Way to Author Engineering Items

Tools and plug-ins to assist you in the activity of writing requirements and other natural language texts.

Performs Correctness and Consistency analysis on the fly

Suggests controlled-vocabulary items based on a central knowledge base

Fully integrated into your Requirements Management Tool and Modelling Tool


Requirements Authoring Tool: authoring requirements inside RMSs

Rhapsody Authoring Tool: authoring requirements and models inside IBM Rhapsody

Requirements Authoring. Improves the Text Quality of Documents and Models

Authors of engineering items (requirements or models) must know what structure to follow, which terms to use, the expected quality policies or checklist to follow, the level of consistency with other requirements or models... This is why writing new requirements or models can sometimes lead to writer’s block.

RAT is the ideal way to help engineers create different types of artifacts. It helps authors during the demanding process of composing requirement statements or other documentation, hence improving the overall quality of the projects.



RAT offers the same quality analysis provided by RQA - Quality Studio, but now in real-time. Best practices, checklists or rules are now closer to engineers in systems engineering projects.


The concept “Get it right the first time” can now be applied to requirements, test cases and other document writings... RAT allows a dramatic drop in terms of the number of verification loops at different levels.


Focusing on requirements quality from the very beginning reduces rework and subsequently costs.

Formalization Stages


Systems assets will be consistent with the organization’s patterns and grammars.

Controlled Vocabulary

Placeholders in the patterns allow RAT to suggest concepts from a controlled vocabulary, thus enhancing the system’s consistency.

Formal Representation of Requirements

Once a textual artifact or model is properly formalized, several possibilities become feasible: consistency analysis between requirements and models,
automatic generation of models or test cases.

Systems Assets Reuse

RAT identifies similar or overlapping system elements in real-time.


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