SES - Engineering Studio

SES - Engineering Studio

The SMARTer way to manage your projects

Management of different types of engineering items: requirements, models, tests, risks etc.
Templates, views and life-cycle support
Custom attributes
Versioning and configuration control
  Seamless/real-time connection to other tools: requirements, models, tests, risks, ...

Engineering your work-items

SES – Engineering Studio is the perfect companion to manage complex systems engineering projects. Engineering Studio allows you to manage natively your engineering items, and also connect to different sources and retrieve, in real-time, information from external tools like ALMs for requirements or test cases, modeling elements from a UML/SysML modeling tool, risks or other information managed in MS Excel…

Connection to the other tools in the Systems Engineering Suite

  • Traceability with TRACEABILITY Studio
  • Quality control with RQA - QUALITY Studio and V&V Studio

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