Enabling SMART Systems Engineering


The SMARTer way to digitalize your engineering

KM – Knowledge Manager

Taming Heterogenous Ecosystems of SE Tools

SES ENGINEERING Studio is a Software Tool designed to orchestrate your needs when developing all
kinds of systems (hardware, hybrid, software). It allows interoperability between an unlimited number
of existing Systems Engineering Tools (Requirements Mgmt., MBSE tools, Simulation Tools, Risks Mgmt.,
RAMS Mgmt., MS Office, etc.). You can edit your requirements from DOORS, change your models in
CAMEO, generate models in Capella from requirements in Siemens Teamcenter or MS Word.

Knowledge Manager

Test yourself

If you answer YES to at least one
of the following questions, we
have the solution for you:

  • Do you have to deal with a large and
    heterogeneous ecosystem of Systems
    Engineering SW Tools for developing
    your products?
  • Would you like to smoothly reuse
    and evolve the skills and experience
    of your engineers avoiding huge
    tool investments?
  • Would you like to use Microsoft
    Word as a professional
    Requirements Management System
  • Would you like to provide Technical
    management support (quality, CM,
    Traceability, V&V, etc.) to outputs
    (requirements, Models, manuals,
    test cases, etc.) of your SE Tools
  • Would you like your ecosystem of SE
    Tools to be transformed in a Smart
    Systems Engineering framework?
    (Authoring, ontologies etc.)
  • Would you like to transform your
    productivity tools (Microsoft
    Office/365) into a complete Systems
    Engineering suite for developing
    your products (even if they are
    complex and large)?


Central Repository for Managing Configurations, Versions, Traces, Quality etc.

Your SE Tools take care of their own information. However, if you want to define versions, traceability,
configurations (of the outputs of your different SE tools), SES ENGINEERING Studio manages this
information in its central repository.


Interoperability within the Ecosystem of SE Tools

Usually, every SE Tool is the expert in managing the information it has been designed to work with. For
example, a Requirements Management System (RMS) is the best to manage requirements. But, when
you want to transform or operate with the work-products of a SE Tool to produce, affect or connect
with the work-products of another tool, real interoperability problems arise. SES ENGINEERING Studio
offers you a framework for defining your own interoperability transformations, tailored to your own
needs. Do you want to generate test cases from requirements? Would you like to connect models with
functions in Microsoft Excel for simulation purposes? Would you like to automatically discover traces
between the customer documents and the user manuals of your products? All those challenges and
many more can be defined and configured in SES ENGINEERING Studio



Reusing Skills and Capabilities

By enabling the organization and structuration of the SE Tools ecosystem within an organization into a
Lifecycle manager, you will be able to REUSE knowledge skills and company investments.
By integrating the SE Tools into modern product development capabilities, your company will make
more efficient use of the tools.

Evolving SE Tools and Skills when it is Necessary and in a Smooth Way

You can smoothly plan the replacement of a SE Tool by a more modern or adaptable one WITHOUT losing
the information produced and allowing maturity grow with NO huge investments.

Creating Lifecycle Templates

According to the ISO 15288 Standard, a specific Lifecycle Management process must be considered
when developing a project. SES ENGINEERING Studio has been designed to enable the creation and
instantiation of lifecycle templates. Using a template, you can organize the knowledge your company
has about the different stages and dependencies engineers need to follow for assuring a successful
product development.
A Template uses only connectors/connections to SE Tools, dependencies between them, folders to
organize them and Decision gates to manage the flow between them.

Managing Projects using a Workflow of SE Tool Outputs

By Instantiating templates, the corresponding engineering team can define the actual project structure
to be followed. It is a good example of KNOWLEDGE REUSE.
Once in a project, the project manager can follow the evolution of the situation by controlling progress,
quality situation, V&V situation, Traceability situation, and Calendar / Effort / Resources situation.

On the other hand, the project Engineers can follow the availability guidance provided by the
predefined workflow (for example, you can work on System Requirements and functional Architecture
in parallel but not defining the detailed design of the engine until having passed a decision gate). These
engineers can work on the real engineering items (requirements, models etc.) and provide the means
to calculate quality, versions etc.

Automating and Digitalizing Decision Gates Evidence

Every decision gate can be assigned a verification action, where the engineers can manage the necessary
evidence in a digital way to make a decision (for example the answers for a check list). The verification
action can also be configured to perform an automatic calculation of the evidence and can suggest an
automatic proposal for a result (the computer can suggest NOT to accept the evidence as valid)

Converting Microsoft Word in a Proper RMS

he unlimited capabilities that Microsoft Word ffeers to manage documents, makes it the perfect document for editing and authoring software. Since Requirements documents are not normal documents,
MS Word needs to be reinforced to cover requirements atomicity, versioning, traceability, and support
for custom attributes. SES ENGINEERING Studio provides extra functions to Microsoft Word, converting
such editing tool into a proper RMS.

Integrating Quality, V&V, Traceability, Authoring, CM and Risk Management

SES ENGINEERING Studio has been designed to include all the existing technical management SE Tools
already commercialized by The REUSE Company. Therefore, the former RQA – QUALITY Studio, V&V
Studio, RAT – AUTHORING Tool, and TRACEABILITY Studio, together with the Configuration Management, Risk management, decision management (v21.2 and above), information management (v21.2
and above), and knowledge management (v21.2 and above), form now the CORE of the functionalities

Transforming your Systems Engineering Tools Ecosystem into a Professional System Lifecycle Management Framework

By offering full connectivity (managing source content from the SES ENGINEERING Studio, minimizing
the impact of a particular SE Tool in the system lifecycle, allowing interoperability between tools,
providing a system lifecycle workflow on top of different tools), your SE Tools ecosystem will be REUSED
and transformed into a professional System Lifecycle Management environment.
In some cases (Desktop Software applications) SES ENGINEERING Studio can be included inside a
particular SE Tool (Microsoft Office, Capella (v21.2 and above), CAMEO (v21.2 and above), etc. and
provide all SE capabilities from inside.

Artificial Intelligence and Ontologies

ES ENGINEERING Studio relies on the experience of The REUSE Company working with Artificial Intelligence and Ontologies. By using machine strength, the engineers receive support to decision, to smart
authoring, to automatic quality judgement, to traceability suggestions or even V&V proposals.

SES Engineering Studio inside Microsoft Office/365

Microsoft Office/365 is widely deployed all over the world. Almost everybody has knowledge and skills
using Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Besides, other Office/365 tools, like Visio and Project give
a lot of added value to its users. SES ENGINEERING Studio integrates natively with them, transforming
the original capabilities into a professional System Lifecycle management environment.

Powerful Engineering Environment

Complex and Complicated projects need proper environments to work in. An engineer has so many
processes to take care of at the same time, so many dependencies, so many trace links, so many
decisions, and so little help.
SES ENGINEERING Studio allows engineers to organize their digital environments as they wish. Do you
need 2 monitors? 3 monitors? even more? No problem. You take care of the number of monitors you
wish, and SES ENGINEERING Studio will fill them all with connected windows. You change something,
the rest of the windows will automatically be updated with the modified information.