Mission & Vision

The Reuse Company

The REUSE Company is a tool vendor specialized in the application of reuse methods, semantic technologies and artificial intelligence to improve the digitalization of the Systems Engineering lifecycle.

We promote lifecycle management methodologies guided by REUSE, based on a knowledge-centric approach, supporting the notion of authoritative source of truth, offering connectivity to everything, unlimited interoperability, and providing full support to technical management as in ISO 15288

We commercialize RQA Quality Studio (Managing Correctness, Consistency and Completeness of requirements, logical models, physical models, manuals, etc.) V&V Studio (digitalizing evidences inside verification actions), RAT (smart authoring of requirements and textual work-products) and SES ENGINEERING Studio (System Engineering lifecycle management digitalization)

 In our vision, knowledge reuse is fully integrated in the System Life Cycle from inception to retirement. Consequently, our mission is to promote system/software and knowledge reuse within any organization, by offering processes, methods, tools and services that make it possible. We offer technology committed to improve the complete digitalization of the System Lifecycle.