A passport towards a Digital Thread without boundaries

Nowadays, organizations use hundreds of applications, tools, databases, and models, and there is a growing need to connect them and let them interoperate to enable a proper and automated digital thread.

Interoperability Hub

We will officially present our new semantic Interoperability Hub at INCOSE IS 2024 in Dublin. The Interoperability Hub enables Connectivity to all the tools in your ecosystem and Interoperability between them. The information on all the tools is synchronized in the Hub. The Hub offers technical management process support for all the data/information/knowledge managed in the various tools in your ecosystem. You can also manage the project workflow from the tools’ point of view. This new solution allows us to define and execute Interoperability between more than 60 tools including Requirements tools, MBSE tools, 3D tools, Simulation tools, Office tools, ALMs, PLMs, etc. The tools can also be located in different departments, organizations, cities, or countries.

Do a PoC with us and get free licenses for the same value!

To get started with our tools, we now offer to do a PoC (Proof of Concept) for a minimum of 25.000($/€) and get free licenses worth 100% of your investment. The PoC will cover a tailoring project according to your needs, and training. Come and chat with us at booth #29-31 at INCOSE IS and we will tell you more!

Here is a short reminder of the areas we cover with our solutions:


  • Connectivity to all the tools in your ecosystem
  • Interoperability between all the tools in your ecosystem
  • Technical Management Process support
  • Project workflow management

Extended Interoperability:

  • Connectivity to the tools of your peers, tiers, OEMs, and clients.
  • Interoperability between the tools of your peers, tiers, OEMs, and clients.
  • Technical Management Process support
  • Project Workflow management

Requirements Engineering:

  • Quality Analysis of requirements, documents, and models allocated in your RMS or MBSE tools.
  • Writing assistance for requirements, documents, and model creation.
  • Traceability between requirements and whatever other engineering items.
  • Verification and Validation of requirements, models, etc.

Presentation at INCOSE IS

Don’t miss our presentation “A Passport Towards a Digital Thread without Boundaries” on Wednesday 3 July at 11:30 AM during the event.

See you at INCOSE IS in Dublin!

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