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The International Council on Systems Engineering Requirements Working Group (INCOSE RGW) in line with the first INCOSE goal: “Be a focal point for dissemination of systems engineering knowledge” and the objective of the proper working group: “Expand and promote the body of knowledge of requirements engineering and its benefits within the systems engineering community”; has compiled a complete guide of how to express requirements in textual form in the context of systems engineering.

While other standards just define a number of nice-to-have, but yet very abstract set of quality characteristics, the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements (GfWR) also includes a number of comprehensible, and SMART (specific, measurable and easy to automatize), set of quality rules for requirements and requirements documents.

No matter what tool you use to manage your requirements, our tools RQA – QUALITY Studio and RAT – Authoring Tools offer an easy-to-use library including quality metrics to tackle the rules described in the GfWR; allowing both quality control of your existing documents, and real-time help during the authoring stage of the requirements. Writing high-quality requirements has never been so easy.

The INCOSE Knowledge Library includes:

  • The implementation in the Systems Engineering Suite of 58 metrics, to tackle 37 out of the 41 rules, as defined in the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements 2019. This allows quality control teams to inspect requirements specifications following these rules (by using RQA – QUALITY Studio), and allows the authors of the requirements to have quality checking in real-time using the RAT – AUTHORING Tools plug-ins.
  • Additionally, a presentation to describe the library and the maping table of INCOSE GfWR rules versus RQA – QUALITY Studio metrics.

Real-Time Quality Assessment of the INCOSE GfWR (slides)

Mapping INCOSE 2019 Rules vs SE Suite metrics

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