The Science and Innovation Missions project (within Spain’s Plan for Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience of the National Plan for R&D&i), covers topics relevant to research and technology. Within the project’s missions, is the SOLSTICIA project, which aims to optimize and secure intelligent software development processes. 

The REUSE Company, along with CAPGEMINI, TSK, ATOS, COTESA, MTP, PROXYA, Tecnalia technology center, and Universidad Politécnica of Madrid, have been working on the development of the project’s mission; “Promotion of information security, privacy and cybersecurity in the Spanish economy and society in the 21st century.”

As technology and the internet evolves, the need for cybersecurity has increased dramatically. Therefore, developers not only have to work hard to develop intelligent systems, but also to avoid creating vulnerability-prone systems.

Consequently, SOLSTICIA aims to find a solution to this demanding need; how can developers build intelligent systems that guarantee security and can avoid cyberattacks?

Juan Llorens, Professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid and CTO of The REUSE Company, states that this project represents an enormous opportunity to develop cutting-edge technology in the Artificial Intelligence field, applied to Systems Engineering. Besides being an intriguing project, its objectives fit perfectly with the technological aspirations that we have in the company and in the University team that also participates in its development.

You can visit CDTI to find out more about the Innovation Missions project and it’s goals.


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