More than 40 partners from 10 different European countries are participating in a 3-years collaborative project funded by ECSEL JU. The “VALU3S” project started in May 2020 and is expected to last 3 years, until April 2023. 

Enormous time and effort have been dedicated by manufacturers of automated systems in R&D activities regarding safety-critical systems. Since there has been a rising complexity of safety-critical systems, manufacturers now have to carry out very extensive validation and verification processes.

The project is attempting to address the issues through “Design, Implementation, and Evaluation” and reduce the time and cost needed for the verification and validation of automated systems. This will also, reduce the amount of time and effort invested by manufacturers.

We are one out of the 40 participants in this project and we are working towards achieving the 2023 finish line!

For more information on the project and its participants, you can visit the project’s website!

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