We are proud and honored to announce that we will collaborate on the innovative FCAS project after our triumph in The FCAS Challenge.

What is FCAS?

In the evolving landscape of European defense, the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) is a significant program that counts on collaborative efforts between France, Germany, and Spain. Led by key coordinators such as Airbus, Dassault Aviation, and Indra, FCAS envisions a network of next-generation human-steered and autonomous aircraft forming a connected “combat cloud”. It seeks to safeguard Europe’s autonomy and technological sovereignty by creating an adaptable and responsive airborne defense system.

What is The FCAS Challenge?

To bring this vision to life, FCAS initiated “The FCAS Challenge”,  inviting startups and tech SMEs to contribute to the development of disruptive technologies. The challenge, organized by Indra, invited proposals in various technological themes, including Sensors for Mission, Signal Intelligence, Smart Communications, and Combat Cloud. These themes encompass technologies ranging from sensorization for future combat systems to intelligent and secure communication systems for the next generation of airborne platforms. 

More than 80 proposals from 70 entities were submitted in response to the call, from 14 out of 17 of Spain’s autonomous regions. During an event held in Madrid, the jury acknowledged 8 of these submissions with an honorable mention. These winning proposals are now going to become a part of the program, working towards the FCAS mission. 

What is the Combat Cloud Category about?

With our expertise and our knowledge-centric approach, we could not ignore the opportunity to become a part of this incredible program. The Combat Cloud category, in particular, focuses on real-time interconnection, seamlessly uniting aerial, terrestrial, naval, and satellite platforms. The goal is to create a cohesive and responsive system that acts as a single entity.

What is to come?

Certainly, a lot of work, which we are proud to deliver. As for the program, demonstrators are set to get their first-ever fly in 2028/2029 to advance on the development and get closer to finally implementing the proper product on Europe’s defense system. 

Congratulations to all of the other winners, we are sure your work will live up to the program’s expectations!


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