NewControl is a groundbreaking initiative for advancing autonomous mobility. The project focused on developing virtualized platforms for key vehicular subsystems, essential for SAE Level 3 and beyond. Through strategic supply chains, it addressed aspects like adaptive perception systems, energy-efficient processing, and fail-operational control.

AVL List GmbH organized the project with a budget of €37,858,613.45 and 43 partners across 12 countries, aiming to enhance Europe’s position in the autonomous mobility field.

Objectives of the project included improving perception algorithms, on-board computing efficiency, achieving certifiability for safety-critical functions, and developing adaptive fail-operational control. The project planned to deliver 22 demonstrators over 45 months, starting in April 2019, with a European Union contribution of €11,044,812.94.

The REUSE Company focused on providing support for verification and validation (V&V) tasks throughout the development lifecycle. We expanded V&V Studio (Verification & Validation) tool to accommodate V&V tasks in a virtual twin environment, enhancing the engineering process for next-generation controllers, creating a more cost-effective environment, reducing error detection time, and improving overall competitiveness. By aligning the tool with existing standards, information management was simplified in V&V, as well as certification, and qualification processes.

Ultimately, NewControl strived to position Europe as a leader in autonomous driving technology by prioritizing safety, efficiency, and user acceptance.


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