Standing out as the largest initiative for the digitization of the European engineering industry (81 European companies), The Arrowhead Tools project, (with a 91 million euros budget), sought to eliminate existing barriers hindering IT/OT integration and cut overall engineering costs for digitization and automation solutions. The project, managed by the Luleå University of Technology in Sweden, kicked off in May 2019 and concluded its journey in July 2022.

Among the prominent participants were Volvo, Bosch, Philips, Infineon, and the University Carlos III of Madrid, each not only contributing financially but also with their expertise, knowledge, and skills to address diverse use cases. These contributions enriched the project, enabling it to face the challenges within the engineering field.

The REUSE Company in particular, proudly offered insights into Traceability Management, Quality, Verification & Validation, and Knowledge Management. As the project progressed, the improvements were expected to make SES ENGINEERING Studio better at handling logical models. This not only allowed current clients to explore new ways of working but also attracted potential clients who use different tools in their engineering work. The project’s positive impacts made Europe more competitive, bringing in new job opportunities and business possibilities.


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