SES ENGINEERING Studio as a Plugin

SES ENGINEERING Studio as a Plugin

Engineers usually need a complete ecosystem of tools to perform their technical processes. Even if those tools may support a partial capability to digitalize traceability or configuration management, in most of the cases they lack a complete and holistic support to interoperability, technical management (quality, CM, traceability, V&V, risk, information management, etc.) or even support for life cycle management.

This plugin transforms your tool into a professional, advanced, semantic, and easy to use Systems Engineering Management System.

It fully combines its own professional authoring capability (MBSE, Requirements management, 3D modelling, etc.) with the management of Versions, Configurations, Conflicts, Changes, Attributes, Traceability to whatever work-product, interoperability with other systems Engineering tools, reporting and Smart Authoring using RAT, as well as the system life cycle management.

This plugin manages the quality of the engineering items, the collection of evidence for their V&V, and finally, allows to automate the life cycle interoperability between them and other work-products.

To see all the available SE Connections, please download the following document.
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