Traceability Studio

Traceability Studio

Tracing between work-product items with no typology limitation

Managing trace links between all sorts of information
User-tailored trace links discovering
Monitoring and Reporting trace links in a tailorable platform to suite user specific needs
Interoperability platform to connect every tool involved in the system engineering processes without restrictions


Traceability of Requirements. Traceability Between Different Work-Products

Traceability Studio is a software tool that enables the definition and implementation of trace links between two sources of information of different types. Traceability Studio users can trace links between key processes to be efficient and effective, such as V&V, requirements definition, architecture definition, design definition or risk management, among others, as defined in the ISO/IEEE 15288/12207 standard. Therefore, trace links between work products is a compulsory activity within the Systems Engineering processes, which can be monitored and controlled with the Traceability Studio.

Traceability Studio provides a framework for managing trace links between all types of information, covering pairs of (accessible) electronic work product items. Current Systems Engineering practice implies almost always managing ecosystems of several software tools. In this context, providing electronic traceability between heterogeneous and isolated work product items becomes a “connectivity” challenge, which is the main goal of Traceability Studio by helping its users overcome this challenge.

Benefits of Traceability Studio

Agnostic perspective - Instead of offering traceability within a determined Systems Engineering tool, Traceability Studio is independent and agnostic, allowing a universal approach.

Suggested trace links - Traceability Studio provides a way to suggest trace links between multiple electronic sources of information.

Customized reports - Traceability Studio does not force you to view your traceability information in any specific way. You can create your own traceability reports, and how you want to see them.


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