The REUSE Company Forum

TRC Forum

When: 2021
Where: Leganés (Madrid), Spain

Model Based Requirements Engineering within the Artificial Intelligence trend

Welcome to The REUSE Company Forum (TRC Forum) 2021, this time devoted to present the new solutions The REUSE Company is building around bringing requirements inside the Model Based Systems Engineering trend by means of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a trending topic within Systems Engineering. The application of Machine Learning algorithms, Big Data approaches, together with Natural Language Processing, allow the representation, structure and application of domain knowledge. The result can be improvements in decision management, automatic reasoning, trade-off analysis, predictive support and many other interesting applications to Systems Engineering. This event puts the focus on the future of Systems Engineering and its connection with AI.

The main topics for this forum will be

Integrating natural language requirements in MBSE tools and SE tools

Integrating models in requirements management (RMS) tools

Systems Engineering interoperability within the supply chain

Integrating traceability, quality and V&V within the Systems Engineering tools

Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to Systems Engineering tools


During the TRC Forum, you will have the key role. The relevant issues of the meeting will be:

  • TRC will present the latest state of V21 version of our tools.
  • Customers and Users will share experiences and use cases
  • Partners will share experiences and best practices
  • Users will meet TRC Engineers and project managers
  • Common gathering of ideas and needs for the next versions of our products
  • Potential customers will merge with TRC staff, customers and partners
TRC Forum 2020
TRC Forum – A meeting point for TRC users, partners, consultants, Systems Engineering practitioners and the whole TRC Team

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