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TRC Forum Copenhagen

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Systems Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the next era of systems engineering! The current generation of engineers have started to apply AI to solve complex problems with techniques like machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. While this in the future for sure will be applied to many of the traditional SE areas, it may be a challenge today to grasp how, where and why like to apply AI on requirements engineering, architecture, design and V&V.

At The REUSE Company we focus on interoperability, information quality, knowledge retrieval & reuse and our slogan is “less effort, but with better result”. We truly believe that what you need is ASSISTANCE to manage:

  • Minimize repetitive and not value adding tasks like manual requirement reviews
  • Huge amount of data “hidden” in organizational silos and tools
  • Point you into the areas where more work is needed or what’s important
  • Speed of change while handling traceability and compliance

We will through this day guide you through some aspects of combining AI with SE and give you some practical examples as well as thoughtful insights on tool interoperability and knowledge reuse, the concept of quality and how to manage complex traceability throughout the system life cycle ensuring that functional safety standards like ISO26262 for Automotive or IEC62304 for Medical Devices.


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    TRC Forum Copenhagen

    Christer Juan Llorens

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