Enabling SMART Systems Engineering

V&V - Management Capability


A SMARTer way to manage the verification and validation of your engineering items

V&V Studio – Verification & Validation

Verification and Validation of Requirements, SysML/UML models, functions, simulations, documentation etc.

V&V Management Capability is an additional capability of The SES ENGINEERING Studio, a software environment aimed to digitalize systems engineering capabilities. 

V&V and Quality work together. Current State-of-the-Art in systems engineering explains that Verification is usually connected with the notion of “developing the system right” whereas validation is described as “developing the right system”, making a SOI that meets the stakeholders needs.

Both concepts are clearly connected with the notion of quality assurance and management. Verification assures that the quality is adequate, and Validation confirms that the system maps with expected functions and properties. Therefore, specially during the early verification processes, quality assurance is fundamental to prevent further incidents and problems.

When the V&V Management Capability is enabled, SES ENGINEERING Studio merges the three concepts, managing the corresponding verification and validation actions through quality assessment processes. Using the concepts of metrics and quality functions, the SES ENGINEERING Studio provides the required tools to verify or validate all kinds of work products.

V&V - Verification and Validation Capability

V&V standards

Complete tailored verification and validation processes by selecting, adapting and applying the desired standards without effort using the capabilities offered by the V&V Management Capability.


V&V Management Capability allows, not only, verifying and validating the right side (system elements, etc.) against the left side of the Vee-Model, but also, the left-hand side elements (requirements, models, etc.) against their consequent quality standards.


The automatization of extremely time consuming tasks will reduce the time investment on analysis, simulations, test, inspections, etc.


Reducing the additional costs caused by late detection of flaws during the development can be achieved by automating the issue detection processes since the kickoff.


Providing V&V Management Capability to manage verification and validation of your engineering items

The SES ENGINEERING Studio is a software environment aimed to digitalize systems engineering processes. It was designed with the intention to properly manage the System Lifecycle, from inception to retirement. It works providing PLM capabilities by connecting to already existing software tools dedicated to managing ISO 15288 and ISO 29110 technical processes (IBM DOORS, Siemens Polarion, Siemens Teamcenter Requirements, DS CAMEO, IBM Rhapsody, Capella, Simulink, MS Excel, MS Word, etc.).

Installing the V&V Management Capability enables the V&V tab in the tool, allowing the SES ENGINEERING Studio to manage, produce, and digitalize evidence for whatever engineering item accessed from any available connection.

Verification /validation of all your work products

Once the V&V Management Capability is installed in the SES ENGINEERING Studio, you’ll be able to verify and validate whatever system, system element, engineering item or work product. The verifiable items will be selected by simply connecting to the source file containing those digitalized work products.


The purpose of V&V Management Capability for the SES ENGINEERING Studio is to provide means to assure that engineering items (requirements, SysML models, functions, simulations, documentation, etc.), the system, or system elements are the “right ones” and have been “built right.” The SES ENGINEERING Studio manages, stores, produces, and reports pieces of evidence that help to reduce errors, defects, and/or faults during the development of the system. The engineer will be capable to manage the Verification (and Validation) of evidence which help to reduce defects during the system development.

Quality assurance for V&V

The SES ENGINEERING Studio allows the systems engineer to define and manage verification and validation on both sides of the Vee-Model.

For this purpose, when the V&V Management Capability is installed, the SES ENGINEERING Studio includes also all the Quality assurance and management capabilities of the RQA – QUALITY Analysis Capability.

The verification action

The verification of a work product is done through a set of verification actions. A verification action is intended to provide objective evidence that a work product (engineering item, system element, or SOI) has (or has not) been verified. It is, therefore, a structured information item that supports all the administrative and not administrative data regarding the verification of a particular element.

A classical implementation of the verification action supports at least the following attributes (all supported by the SES ENGINEERING Studio).

  • Verifiable Item: the work product that is being verified
  • The verification technique(s) to be used
  • Activity to Perform
  • Obtained Evidences
  • Verification state
  • Source Items: the engineering items
    that serve as source information
  • Objective
  • Expected Evidences
  • Estimated Time Resource
  • Reponsible Agent & Date of Verification

V&V Management Capability and the supply chain

As described above, the SES ENGINEERING Studio can use quality judgements as evidence for V&V purposes. In many cases, the different work products needed to finalize a complete system are defined and/or produced by organizations along the supply chain. If the quality of the work product will be included as evidence for the V&V of the system, it must be managed and monitored all along its lifecycle. Due to this need, the Engineering Studio enables the functionality to reduce the interactions between OEMs and suppliers throughout the supply chain by allowing all parties to share a common quality view. OEMs can establish a set of metrics in the SES ENGINEERING Studio (a quality certificate) and share this certificate with everyone in the supply chain. After that, the OEM can receive periodic Verification reports from the supplier allowing the visualization of the results using a simple procedure.

SMART Scoreboards

Throughout the verification and validation procedures, the different engineering items evolve (quality improvements, modifications, etc.). With the V&V Management Capability for the SES ENGINEERING Studio, this progress can be visualized and assessed by the systems engineers by means of a complete evolution scoreboard updated in real time.

A complete scoreboard where the verification and validation evolution is represented along.

V&V Management Capability in SES ENGINEERING Studio

The SES ENGINEERING Studio is a software tool designed to help engineers deal with one of the most important processes within the SE development, Verification & Validation. Of course, this is one important part of a complex scheme of SE and as such, it must be tightly connected with the remaining tools within the Suite. Any updates generated in RAT – AUTHORING Tool will be propagated to the V&V Management Capability. Moreover, the quality of those requirements is assessed using baseline metrics from RQA – QUALITY Management Capability and patterns from KM – KNOWLEDGE Management. In addition, these verification and validation processes will be traced with any verifiable and validatable items (requirements, models, etc.) by means of the TRACEABILITY Capability.