How to check requirements consistency with RQS and IBM DOORS

How to check requirements consistency with RQS and IBM DOORS

When: October 17, 2017, 4:00PM CET


Writing correct requirements is, sometimes, a challenging task. However, there are plenty of resources publicly available including tips on how to write correct requirements; we in The REUSE Company also provide our own guide (RQS tips summary), training and tools (RQA and RAT). Once the correctness topic is properly addressed, the real problem when analyzing the overall quality of a project (in terms of its requirements) comes with the consistency among the different requirements, that many times are written by different people, in different places… Not to mention the consistency between requirements and models in a MBSE environment.

This webinar focuses on the analysis of requirements consistency, and the metrics provided in Requirements Quality Suite to deal with this topic.


  • Introduction
  • The consistency problem in systems engineering
  • Consistency metrics in Requirements Quality Suite
  • Demo:
    • Tailoring consistency metrics in RQA
    • Real-time consistency checking in RAT
    • Checking consistency metrics with RQA
  • Q&A


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