How to create custom metrics

Finding the proper set of quality rules to be checked in our requirements documents is key for the success of our projects. RQA (Requirements Quality Analyzer) allows you an easy translation between paper-based quality rules and checklists into an automatic tool to help quality teams and requirements authors.

RQA includes, out-of-the-box, a wide variety of requirements quality metrics. However, in some cases, the metrics to follow have to be tailored for particular cases and the out-of-the-box metrics could be not sufficient. This Webinar shows how a set of parameterized metrics can help to create custom metrics easily. All this custom metrics are automatically and seamlessly integrated together with the rest of out-of-the-box metrics and are accessible in both RQA and RAT (Requirements Authoring Tool).


  • Out-of-the-box correctness metrics in RQS
  • Customizing parameterized metrics in RQA
  • Creating custom-code metrics in RQA
  • Checking custom metrics in RQA and RAT

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