Traceability management with SE Suite

Traceability is a core activity within the System Development Lifecycle, although a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when the traces involve items coming from different disciplines and tools. Therefore, teams must be provided with tools that allow connection to heterogeneous environments, allowing easy access to the definition of traces, management of traceability matrices and impact analysis, and providing also smart analysis tools to suggest missing traces and suspect links. Finally, all this information must be exported in a flexible, and easy-to-understand yet accurate way.

In this webinar, The REUSE Company will present the first version of its brand new tool TRACEABILITY Studio. This tool, fully integrated with the SES ENGINEERING Studio (former Systems Engineering Suite), provides an easy-to-use answer to all the challenges mentioned above so that traceability management thus increasing the level of quality of your projects, minimizing the impact of changes and reducing the overall time normally devoted to this activity.


  • A brief introduction to The REUSE Company and the Systems Engineering Suite
  • The main challenges for an efficient traceability process
  • Main capabilities of TRACEABILITY Studio
  • TRACEABILITY Studio as a part of the Systems Engineering Suite
  • Live demo
  • Q&A

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