Knowledge-based requirements engineering in PL engineering

We are moving from delivering systems to delivering services, and thus, knowledge digitalization plays a key role in order to improve the way we do engineering for our development procedures. Therefore, we need to align the methods and techniques with the business needs to align all the legacy assets with the required development and manufacturing needs. In the scope of this presentation, we cover the methods and techniques that can revamp such development of complex systems and services with the focus on Knowledge-Based Requirements Engineering within the Product Lines Engineering framework.

The attendees to this presentation will get an overview of the main challenges that organizations delivering complex systems and services are dealing with in the transformation of traditional development approaches into more efficient ones that cope with the current needs of technology and the market, based on one thing, the knowledge extracted from both digital assets and tacit knowledge. To better depict these ideas, we will accompany the presentation with a Use Case that is being developed within the scope of the European Project REVaMP2 (ITEA3 Call 2 2016).

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