V&V Management in complex systems


Systems Engineering comprehends the development of vastly complex structures, which in the case of safety-critical systems, also involve risking the lives of the people using them. In order to reach such high quality and safety standards, one of the core processes required is the Verification & Validation. Conducting each individual V&V process implies executing specific techniques (inspection, analysis, etc.), allocating resources, keeping track of the assessment’s contextual information (core objective, main activities to perform, etc.), registering the obtained results, comparing the expected vs obtained evidence, and providing a consequent result. When dealing with high-complexity systems, the number of V&V processes to complete can escalate drastically and managing all these information and resources quickly becomes a challenge.

With the V&V Management Capability, any Systems Engineering team can overcome these issues, as they are provided with a complete digital environment capable, not only of allocating and managing the information of the divergent V&V processes, but also automatically completing the assessment process based upon several V&V methods, providing useful information regarding the project status in the form of graphical depictions and automatically generated documentation, and several additional functionalities designed to improve your V&V experience.

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