Economy and effectiveness in the procurement process

Competition in a fair and transparent manner is the heart of procurement, that is why you probably already have a process in place to ensure the legal aspects of Fairness, Integrity and Transparency through the competition.

But what about the two other corner stones and key guiding principles of Economy and Effectiveness, and not least the principle of Best value for money?

The Procurement Quality Suite (PQS) guarantees that the purchasing body is conducting the procurement process with maximum effectiveness in relation to the overall budget, and that the principle of Best value for money is indisputably and crystal clear from the initiation of the procurement project, through requirements definition, strategy selection and finally, bid evaluation and selection.

PQS consists is an application on using the well proven SES ENGINEERING Studio (former Systems Engineering Suite) from The REUSE Company and its components. It includes:

  • A procurement library with the common procurement and bidding terms and acronyms
  • A set of metrics and rules which makes sure that your bidding documentation becomes complete and is correct and formulated in a consistent way.
  • A set of templates for developing different bidding documents; technical specification, Statement of Work and support specifications.
  • A method handbook

Another unique aspect of this suite is its full support for managing the system life cycle perspective, ensuring a complete technical description and the possibility to evaluate and compare the total cost of the system life cycle.

The methodology handbook depicts a set of tailorable processes and methods to suite your specific needs.


  • Introduction to Procurement Qulity Suite – PQS
    • Why requirements quality matter in procurement
    • What is a complete, consistent and correct set of bidding documents?
    • How can the REUSE tools enhance the quality of a bid?
  • Demo of some key features in PQS
  • Q&A

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