Version management of PDF files


Every project, especially safety-critical projects, is constrained by at least one piece of regulation, and, 99% of the time, these regulatory items come in the form of PDF files, which are as wonderful for preventing unauthorized changes, as difficult to manage and integrate into any system’s lifecycle.

The digitalization of those PDF files is key for leveraging the success of a project:

  1. IDENTIFY the relevant regulatory pieces.
  2. Provide each regulatory piece with a UNIQUE ID.
  3. Create and attach ATTRIBUTES, like comments, risks levels, etc.
  4. TRACEABILITY to requirements or any other element at different levels.

Aside from these capabilities, legislations & similar documents are subject to periodical modifications and updates. Therefore, it is crucial to react accordingly and be capable of managing new versions of the PDF files with the consequent implications triggered by the changes: “Updated”, “Removed” or “New” states for each element, suspect traces for any link whose endpoints have suffered from a modification or deletion, the precise detection of where the change has taken place within the piece of regulation, the updated impact analysis reflecting the implications of those modifications, etc.

These capabilities can be condensed as:

5. *VERSION MANAGEMENT* whenever a new updated PDF document is received.

Follow us to learn how to smartly deal with those PDF files and their changes by using SES ENGINEERING Studio.


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