Quality assessment in the MBSE ecosystem

In the world of Model-Based Systems Engineering, we usually find a huge ecosystem full of tools. The community of practitioners will be using a wide variety of different tools for Requirements Management, Logical and Physical Modelling, Traceability, Simulation, Quality Management etc.

With regard to Quality ManagementSystem Quality Analyzer (SQA) performs requirements quality assessment based on the Correctness, Completeness & Consistency (CCC) approach, that is, automatic verification of your requirements and support to requirements authoring. For this purpose, the SQA knowledge base (ontology) can be customized to automatically include -in real-time- the content of Rhapsody models or Simulink files or even external ontologies created with Protégé, among others, so that requirements quality can be assessed against all those models.

In addition to that, the knowledge about a project is a living entity, that means that it will evolve (hopefully) along the project lifecycle. An Ontology Configuration Management process will be presented to keep track of the changes performed on the ontology.


  • Introduction: an ecosystem full of tools
    • Interoperability through KCSE Suite v18
  • Assessing requirements quality with an ontology –knowledge base
  • Knowledge Interfaces to dynamically populate the ontology -on real time- from Logical and Physical models
    • And also from an ontology from Protégé
  • Configuration Management for the ontology
  • Q & A 

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