Supplier companies and user entities will get together at AMETIC’s hybrid Language Technologies conference to discuss real use cases, key technologies for data management, and the creation of interactive and accessible interfaces.

& we’ll be presenting a use case!

Alongside Tecnalia, we’ll present a use case from our collaboration in the SOLSTICIA project. 

With deterministic and non-deterministic techniques, we propose the automatic creation of a knowledge base to improve cybersecurity requirements engineering activities in the lifecycle management of critical systems. 

By employing artificial intelligence algorithms such as bio-inspired algorithms, techniques with semantic patterns, and Deep Learning, information extraction from cybersecurity documents is achieved, and a pattern base can be created for the detection and reuse of cybersecurity requirements.

You can take a look at the event’s website to find out about the speakers, agenda, and registration process. The event is in Spanish and has a hybrid modality; online or attendance in Centro de IA MIL, Madrid, Spain.

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