KM - Knowledge Manager provides the capability to “pack” pieces of knowledge to be further tailored and reused in different types of projects. This concept is known as Knowledge Library.

Therefore, we can say that a Knowledge Library is a combination of Knowledge items, of different nature, and at different levels of abstraction. Being this knowledge the representation of a business domain or area of knowledge.

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The main benefits of using knowledge libraries are, among others:

  • The promotion of the principle: quality right the first time,
  • Enabling semantic search portals to archive and retrieve assets,
  • Thus providing tools to reuse assets at different level,
  • And reducing time to market,
  • Improving the way engineers generate (author) new assets,
  • Enhancing the way items are inspected and verified,
  • Enabling real interoperability mechanisms and services,
  • Reducing time to elaborate documents, systems and projects.

A Knowledge Library might content the same type of information as in a regular Knowledge Base managed by Knowledge Manager. So, the following picture provides a quick glance of what could be included into a Knowledge Library:

Knowledge library


How to download our libraries


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The current list of available Knowledge Libraries is: