NASA Requirements Checklist Library

The NASA Systems Engineering Handbook is considered as top-level guidance for systems engineering practices in the space industry.

The REUSE Company has developed a knowledge library to be used in our Systems Engineering Suite in order to follow the NASA guidelines in an easy way and improve the quality of your requirements as well as your requirements authoring and checking processes.

The NASA Requirements Checklist library has been built from the methods & knowledge provided by the NASA in the following free accessible book :

  • NASA Systems Engineering Handbook, version is NASA SP-2016-6105 Rev2 (which supersedes SP-2007-6105 Rev 1), especially the content of Appendix C : How to Write a Good Requirement – Checklist

Content of the NASA Requirements Checklist Knowledge Library

The knowledge library includes :

  • Glossaries, acronyms, abbreviations, specific taxonomies, hierarchies, and terms relationships.
  • The implementation of a set of rules to run the checklist and check the requirements quality following the book’s guideline

 NASA Requirements Checklist Library – presentation

 NASA Reqs Checklist mapping by TRC metrics

Download Library for SES ENGINEERING Studio v23

Download Library for SES ENGINEERING Studio v18 

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