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Saving costs by writing high-quality requirements from the beginning

According to Stecklein, Jonette M. (NASA Johnson Space Center), the cost of fixing a requirement error discovered during the Operations phase ranged from 29 to more than 1500 times the cost for addressing that error at the Requirements phase.

Since 1995 to the 2016 last version, NASA publishes the “NASA Systems Engineering Handbook” ( to bring the fundamental concepts and techniques of NASA Systems Engineering as a discipline at NASA body of knowledge. This handbook offers guidance for current best Agency practices and maintains the alignment of the Handbook with the Agency’s systems engineering policy. The handbook is considered as top-level guidance for good systems engineering practices in the space industry.

We have developed a knowledge library, to be used on our SE Suite, that takes the benefits of the NASA handbook body of knowledge to enhance the quality of requirements. This NASA domain knowledge library includes glossary, acronyms, abbreviations, as well as specific taxonomies, hierarchies, and terms relationships. It also brings guidance for well-formed requirements through rules and patterns. The library incorporates a set of metrics, based on NASA handbook guidance. These metrics implemented in our SE Suite help to ensure the quality of requirements and to optimize the requirements authoring process.

Discover in this webinar how our SE Suite, along with this NASA knowledge library we have developed, can improve the quality of your organization requirement as well as your requirement authoring and checking process. Thanks to this approach, your organization could discover requirements errors in an early stage of the process, to prevent adding potentially huge extra costs and time to market delays to your organization projects.

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