Mötesplats Offentliga Affärer

Due to the pandemic last year’s event was cancelled, but 21-22 October it was time for Mötesplats Offentliga Affärer 2021 in Stockholm, Sweden. This fair focuses on Public Procurement and offers a place for companies and public organizations to meet, share experiences, and learn what the companies offer and what the public organizations demand.

A lot of people attended the event and The REUSE Company Scandinavia was there together with the partner Primona offering information about the digital assistant KAI. KAI helps you write better requirements and communicate your needs in public procurement projects. The aim is to make public procurement easier and avoid misunderstanding and, in the end, this also means avoid unexpected higher costs. The digital assistant KAI is based on the same technology as used in the SES ENGINEERING Studio.


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