Management of requirements according to ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148


Requirements are essential to all Systems and Software engineering activities.

Management of Requirements as set out in “ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148 System and software engineering – Life cycle processes – Requirements Engineering” focuses on the management of requirements changes and avoiding “requirements creep” during the life cycle. However, it is often practical to set a broader scope for Requirements Management.

In a typical scenario, there are multiple parties – internal or external – involved.  Many types of requirements with different life cycles exist. Moreover, data associated with reviews, verification, and validation is produced throughout the project life. This additional data needs to be reviewed, agreed and managed in connection with related requirements.

To provide appropriate Requirements Management support, it is essential to identify, document, and communicate “The Requirements Engineering Map”. The objectives are to obtain understanding and commitment to this from all involved stakeholders. Key components in this map are Life cycles, Structure, Traceability, Attribute sets, and Attribute rules.

This seminar aims to show how the SES ENGINEERING Studio can provide efficient and appropriate support for Requirements Management by combining powerful SES ENGINEERING Studio features with its unique ability to connect to a wide range of applications and file formats where Requirements and related data are produced.


Tuesday, June 14, 2022, 5:00 PM CET (Madrid)/ 8:00 AM PDT (Los Angeles)/11:00 AM EDT (Detroit)

Thursday, June 16, 2022, 9:00 AM CET (Madrid)/ 4:00 PM JST (Tokyo)/ 5:00 PM AEST (Sydney)

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