Enabling SMART Systems Engineering

RAT – Authoring Tools for Capella

The seamless integration of textual Requirements within MBSE is a challenge in today’s Systems Engineering state of the art. Requirements are usually elaborated using natural language text and hence provide high expressivity and easiness of production and management. MBSE offers well-structured methodologies (like ARCADIA, OOSE, Systematica (S*), etc.) and a rigorous path for developing high-quality designs, but they demand steep learning curves.


This webinar presents an add-on to Capella that follows all the principles and features of the RAT – Authoring Tools on top of Requirements Modeling Tools (RMS), but now on top of a Modeling tool like Capella; thus enhancing a seamless consistency between textual requirements and models (model requirements).

The webinar will include a demo of this new add-on, showing the following features:

  • Assisted authoring of requirements through pattern-based auto-completion
  • Real-time quality assessment
  • Maintenance of relations between textual and model-based requirements, and capitalization of links for change tracking
  • Synchronization of textual requirements: a round-trip approach between Capella and other external Requirements Management Systems

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