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SMARTer System Development

The REUSE Company organizes a series of local TRC Forums aimed at quality management of requirements and models. We want to show you new, unique and different ideas that can transform the way your organization works.

Perhaps you are wondering how we can justify the claim of SMARTer System Development? We will show you innovative ways to deal with many of today's work problems; Isolated Information Islands in organizations, weak knowledge spread between domains and poor change control, which so often results in insufficient system quality, late projects, and dissatisfied customers.

We will discuss; Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge-Driven System Development, Information Quality, Model-Based (MBSE), Demand Simulation and, not least, Traceability and how to harness these concepts to the benefit of your organisation.

We will use our unique tools ( to demonstrate these concepts and show how artificial intelligence (AI) will, both today and in the future, help you with your problem definition, solution design and product development work. This will enable you to deliver increasingly complex products at an ever reducing time to market.


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