Event: IC3K 2015

When: Nov, 12-14, 2015

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Event: INCOSE IS2015

When: July 13-16, 2015

Where: Seattle, USA

Event: SESE 2014

When: September 1st, 23rd and 24th, 2014

Where: Switzerland, France and Spain

Event: Rational Systems and Software Engineering Symposium

When: April 9, 2014

Where: Chicago

Event: IC3K 2014 - 6th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management

When: October 21-24, 2014

Where: Roma, Italy

Event: SKY 2014

When: October 22, 2014

Where: Roma, Italy

Event: CSD&M

When: November 12-14, 2014

Where: Paris, France

Event: From Requirements to Systems 2014 / Från Krav till System 2014

When: January 20-21, 2015

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

Event: REConf 2015

When: March 16-19, 2015

Where: München, Germany

Event: PROMEDESOFT 2º Congreso Internacional en Procesos y Metodologías de Desarrollo de Software

When: April 21, 2015

Where: Santiago de Cali, Colombia