Knowledge Reuse

Since our inception, and throughout our history, we have developed a set of products whose main purpose has been systems and software reuse.

Systems engineeringIn the first years of the 21st century we commercialized the SWReuser (a CASE tool providing integral traceability and reuse, integrated in the Reuse Studio as thick client solutions). This CASE tool has been the forerunner of the present Requirements Quality Analyzer (RQA) and will evolve towards the System Reuser product in the near future.

To implement Reuse policies within an organization has not been, up to now, a “pain-free” process. The reuse adoption inside industrial organizations has been a positive but expensive: a systematic reuse approach has suffered from real ROI problems that, at the end, have discouraged its promoters.

The Reuse Company has developed the Incremental Reuse method (IRM) as an alternative to classical reuse programs, which right now is offered to industry at a consulting basis.

The main features of the IRM are:
  • Not dependence of the selected Systems Development Process (SDP)
  • Integral Traceability (Trace Forced SDP)
  • Search Based SDP (Enhanced Retrieval Capabilities)
  • Knowledge representation based on Ontologies
  • Tools Support
  • Support for Reuse Operations
  • ROI is not a relevant issue

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