September 15 2014

Now you can see The REUSE Company´s solution to the Tool Vendor Challenge 2014 as a pdf.

During the INCOSE International Symposium 2014 in Las Vegas, The REUSE Company participated again in the Tool Vendor Challenge.  The Tool Vendor Challenge is a well attended part of the Symposium and offers tool vendors a common use case derived from a practical problem for them to solve and demonstrate.

September 03 2014

The first event of the INCOSE South European Systems Engineering tour 2014 in Zürich (Switzerland) was a success. The REUSE Company participated in two presentations.

During the first day of the South European Systems Engineering Tour (SESE 2014) that took place the 1st of September in Zürich, Switzerland, José Fuentes from The REUSE Company participated with a presentation called "From Requirements Quality to Requirements Authoring".

July 01 2014

The REUSE Company participates in The 24th INCOSE Intenational Symposium June 30 - July 3, 2014 in Las Vegas, USA.

The INCOSE International Symposium is the largest annual convocation of systems engineers. Systems engineering colleagues from all around the world meet to exchange ideas, formulate projects and expand the profession.

June 20 2014

The REUSE Company participated in INNOVATE 2014 in Orlando, USA, the 3rd of June 2014 presenting the Requirements Authoring Tool (RAT) in a user story together with AIRBUS Group.

The presentation, titled : From Requirements Management to Requirements Authoring – An Experience Report from Airbus Group had a good acceptance and debate. The presentation suggests an improved way to produce high quality requirements at authoring stage, where the quality of the specification is calculated on the fly, while the analyst writes the requirements. The correctness of a single requirement, as well as the consistency and completeness of the specification is calculated and managed.

March 19 2014

Une version française de Requirements Quality Suite (RQS) a été publiée et permet d’analyser des exigences en français.

March 12 2014

A French version of the Requirements Quality Suite (RQS) has been released and it´s now possible to analyze requirements in French.

The RQS is a tool to manage the quality of the requirements but also the quality of knowledge in systems engineering projects. Just like the English version, the French version of the Requirements Quality Suite (RQS) includes three tools: RAT, RQA and kM.

February 10 2014

The REUSE Company sponsors The South European Systems Engineering Tour (SESE 2014). SESE 2014 is a non-profit event that will take place during the 1st-3rd of September in Switzerland, France and Spain.

The Swiss, the French and the Spanish chapters of INCOSE are organizing these events to promote Systems Engineering among practitioners and interested audience. The tour is not focused on any particular industry domain, rather the idea is to create a forum where Systems Engineers from different domains can meet and learn from each other. The format of the events is a lecture day at each venue.Call for presenters is open until the 1st of June.

December 16 2013

The REUSE Company participates in the kick-off meeting of the European project CRYSTAL (Critical System Engineering Acceleration) which is held for the 8 Spanish partners.

The other Spanish partners are:

November 18 2013

The Reuse Company has now released the version 4.1.4 of the Requirements Quality Suite (RQS). It includes the following new features and enhancements:

October 21 2013

Now you can analyze your Reqtify requirements with Requirements Quality Analyzer.

As easy as that, import a set of requirements through any of the connectors avaialbe in Reqtify and click on the Requirements Quality Analyzer button to open a Requirements Quality Analyzer screen with the results of the quality analysis (correctness).